About The Bodacious Knead


"Bodacious"= Voluptuous, Attractive, Appealing to the Eye.

"Knead"= Work, Squeeze, Shape, or Mold.


Whichever way you look at these two words, individually or even put together, sounds inviting. All too often, people who are considered heavy or plus sized are told they are not attractive, unappealing, and uninviting. Yet, stand millions strong. Carrying out the same day to day activities as their fit & trim counterparts. Being glamorous, dressing fabulous and living their lives to the fullest. Enjoying the same day to day perks as their harsh criticizers. This Blog is about Size Acceptance and Happiness. Here is a place where plus sized people can share views, find chubby dating, fine dining, food items online, plus sized men's and women's clothing, electronics, books, and even news and sports updates. It has an eclectic mix of things related to the BBW (Big Beautiful Woman), BHM (Big Handsome Man) audience. 

This is an invite for all of those with positive interests in the plus sized arena. All Nationalities, Male, Female, Single, Married, Straight, & Gay. There are no barriers here.

All are welcome.